Design & Toolmaking

    Select Plastics have several options when it comes to Design and Toolmaking.

    We have offer Design services through our Design Partner Prior Designs.

    Often, you may have progressed your product or concept already through your own Product designer. That’s Ok, we are happy to come into any project at any stage.

    Sometimes the product has been designed by a “Product Designer” who may not have an extensive experience at designing parts for injection moulding. That’s Ok as well, and that’s where we often find our designers getting involved.

    Once we have a part designed that can be Injection moulded, then we can quote up the tooling cost for you. Tooling costs can often surprise people when they are first starting out with a project.

    Some inexpensive tooling can cost from $6,000 to $8,000 for a small mould.

    Larger more complicated moulds can cost up to $200,000.

    No matter where you are at in your journey, we can help and assist you, even if it is only simple  advice.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    No its not too late!! It often helps make way for us to push the project on a little faster and further.

    The only thing is that “product designers” may not have injection moulding experience and so we may have to tweak the design a bit for the purpose of injection moulding the product.

    We are happy to work with existing designs and happy to project manage the Toolmaking.

    We are happy with both types of projects. What ever stage the product is at, we can help.

    New or existing projects are handled differently, newer projects are more involved from the design side and the consultation side.

    New projects are more work but more rewarding when we assist in bringing projects to the final stage. The life cycle of a new project is often longer.

    Existing projects often have most of the work done and are in the market already, those projects are a simple moulding process and often get to the end process quicker and easier.

    Just like our design services, the Mould making/Toolmaking are done by our partner Toolmaker.

    Your company can choose to use your own toolmakers just like the designers.

    If you choose to use our Partner Toolmaker then your Mould will be fully warranted for workmanship and for a limited time or number of Parts.

    Don’t be caught out by un warranted Mould making.

    Whatever we design or manage, we give Warranty. Having your moulds made overseas often doesn’t give you any comeback or security when things go wrong.

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