Select Plastics manufacture a range of different materials in different industries.

    Select Plastics are working on 5 large projects that use Recycled Plastics. 2 in production already, 1 in pre-production, 2 at the late design phase. With all of these projects online, Select Plastics will use up to 200 tons of Recycled PP per month and up to 100 ton per month of Recycled HDPE.
    Select Plastics aim to not only use Recycled Plastics in their products but the products themselves be good for the Environment. The 5 new environmental products are all innovative and include reduction in Carbon intensive Concrete usage to reduction in Methane and produce gas from bio digestion.

    Select Plastics take our environmental responsibilities seriously and are proud of the projects we are involved in.

    Select Plastics have our own range of products including Safety Products and are heavily involved in supplying the Mining Industry with High spec Conveyor products.

    We manufacture world Famous Products for the 4WD and adventure industry including manufacturing some of the Maxtrax 4WD recovery Boards as recently seen on the new Porsche Dakar.

    Any idea that you have, we can successfully turn your idea into and real life success.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Yes we can mould it for you, If you currently want to have your mould producing elsewhere than it currently is then we can mould it. Most likely we will have a machine that will suit the size of your mould. Its not really our policy to go out and take moulding from other moulders, but if you have a genuine need to get something moulded then we can help. Please send your enquiries to

    Yes we will work with your designer. Actually its our preference to work with your designer because if you are at that stage then you are more advanced and closer to being ready to manufacture.

    We have an in house designer with more than 30 years in the industry if you this help, but more often than not, you will have your designer you are happy with and we are happy to work with your designer.

    Yes we have one of the most experienced toolmaking capabilities in the industry.

    Select Plastics have an in house, well established, toolmaker who can help get your idea and design turned into a real life working product. We can offer overseas toolmaking or Australian made toolmaking.

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