Select Plastics have an extensive knowledge of many different types of applications from using so many different types of plastics.

    All Plastics have different advantages and disadvantages.

    For premium engineering type products then only the best Engineering type materials can be used.

    Some of our products and applications are considered the best in the world based on using the best engineered plastics in the world.

    Our machine sizes go up to 4000-ton machines which can make a product up to a size of 3.2M x 3.2m and weighing up to 25kgs. Special cases the shot size can be up to 75kgs.

    We also have machines that are down to 190-ton machines for the smaller engineered parts.

    What ever the size part you need, we can make with our machines.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Yes of course you can if you can reduce your freight costs and the numbers justify the process.  We now have a facility if Adelaide as well as the Sunshine Coast, Melbourne and Newcastle are progressing for later in 2022.

    We do most types of plastic.

    We specialize in Nylon, ABS, Polypropylene and Recycled Polypropylene, Eurathane,  but we are capable of all types of Plastic Polymers.

    Different Polymers are more suited to different applications.

    We don’t do single use plastics or packaging.

    We are a higher end Engineering Moulder or a user of Recycled Plastics.

    Yes that’s what we specialize in. There is a lot to bringing your new product to market and we can help all along the process. Where ever you are at, whoever has designed your product, what ever your product is, we can help you realise your great idea.

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